How FinTech can tackle global poverty

October 19, 2016 - Bank accounts. Credit cards. Loans. For more than two billion people around the world, these basic financial tools are out of reach.

But innovations in financial technology – or FinTech – have the potential to break the cycle of poverty. Participants learned how new technologies at the forefront of the FinTech revolution, such as mobile banking, can unlock new opportunities for the world’s poor, by providing access to new markets and promoting financial inclusion.

Aga Khan Foundation Canada, Invest Ottawa, and MaRS brought together the FinTech and international development community in Canada like never before, in order to foster new collaborations, increase community engagement, and share knowledge.


The MaRS #FinTechCA series crossed three cities in three weeks—Ottawa, Vancouver and Montreal—for a national series of fireside chats and keynotes to address the latest technology trends, global opportunities, and regulatory changes rocking the financial world.

What was discussed?

• What does the future of FinTech look like from an innovation and regulatory perspective?
• The flow of venture capital into Canadian FinTech.
• What do VCs look for in FinTech companies?
• FinTech in the global context: what opportunities exist?
• Which Canadian cities are making an impact on the FinTech ecosystem?
• How FinTech can help alleviate poverty globally.
• How can we nurture more innovation and investment in FinTech?
• How is MaRS bringing together the major players in FinTech?

Arti Modi, CEO, LendingArch | @artimodi_

Adam Nanjee, Head of Financial Technology, MaRS Discovery District @adamnanjee

Tim Attia, CEO, Slice Labs @TAttia

Laurence Cooke, Founder & CEO, nanoPay @laurencecooke

Glenn Campbell, Director, Financial Institutions Division, Financial Sector Policy, Finance Canada

Benoit Destouches, Finance Director, Aga Khan Agency for Microfinance

Karen Letain, Director of Marketing and Communications, Invest Ottawa | @kletain 

The MaRS FinTech cluster connects the financial services sector with startups developing next generation technology in emerging payments, financial services, peer-to-peer transactions, alternative lending and crypto-currencies. MaRS offers high-growth fintech startups the most comprehensive set of resources in Canada. Through a strategic network of partners, the FinTech cluster supports entrepreneurs with rapid validation, access to investment, product feedback, sales opportunities and business advisory services.

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