Every country needs leaders who are equipped with the tools, knowledge and confidence to build a solid foundation for development. To improve the quality of education, AKFC supports programs which ensure better care and learning environments for the next generation, by investing in education systems and the training of teachers across the spectrum of learning - from early childhood to primary, secondary, and advanced education – and increasing community involvement in the planning and administration of schools and education.

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Linking home and school for improved literacy in Pakistan

Pakistan's progress in many areas is undermined by its low literacy levels. As of 2013, only 54.7% of percent of adults could read and write - the second lowest literacy rate in Asia.

There is overwhelming evidence globally that early childhood learning is essential to later success in school. But current teaching methods in Pakistan emphasize rote learning, few teachers receive training in early literacy, and the most experienced typically teach in the upper grades. [Click here to download in PDF]


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School Improvement in Developing Countries: Experiences and Lessons Learned

This report was developed to stimulate a discussion about best practices in the delivery of programs that support improvements in education access and quality at the pre-tertiary education levels in developing countries. Looking at the experience of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) and others, it synthesizes evidence, experiences, and lessons learned in the broad field of pre-primary, primary and secondary school education. [Click here to download in PDF]


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